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"Love does not go away. It changes." 

-Monica Bellucci and her thoughts on love after ending her marriage with Vincent Cassel. 

Monica Bellucci photographed by Pamela Henson, 1998. 

LOVE your blog girls ! Great job :) You have the best edits/gifs of Monica

Thank you so much, lovely! It means a lot. I can’t help but feel that we have the best followers, too. ;) You all have been so gracious and patient for sticking around even with our busy schedules so thank you.



Monica Bellucci in La Riffa (1991)

Monica Bellucci photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vanity Fair Italia (2013).

Monica Bellucci + Dolce & Gabbana Makeup

Love Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci for Dior Rouge
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